时事要闻 > 中国企业在国外市场的并购事件

Mergers and acquisitions undertaken by Chinese enterprises in overseas markets in February surged 110.6 percent month-on-month to $759 million in February 2010, reports China Securities Journal

According to statistics from Zero2IPO, a service provider for the venture capital and private equity industry in China, there was a 41.9 percent month-on-month decline in the number of mergers and acquisitions transactions in China in February to 18 transactions.

Of these 18 transactions, information was available for 15 transactions. The 15 transactions involved a total of $995 million, a decline of 29.5 percent month-on-month.

In terms of transaction value, the average value of each transaction rose by 3.4 percent from January to $66.32 million in February.

In terms of industry classification, there were 11 mergers and acquisitions transactions in traditional industries valued at $654 million in February, accounting for 61.1 percent of the total number of transactions and 65.7 percent of the total transaction value.

There were three transactions in the information technology sector amounting to $205 million.

The health care and service industries had two transactions each, valued at $31.50 million and $104 million respectively.