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On Venture Hype, 22 June 2011 http://venturehype.com/

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Mobile will replace the computer in China. “To give you an order of magnitude, Chinese people exchange about 70 billion short messages – in a single month,” says Bruno Bensaid, a second-time guest on Venture Hype.

Based on the number of subscribers alone, China is definitely the number one mobile market in the world.

The Chinese people “are actually much earlier adopters than we think,” Bensaid continues. And there’s an explosion of apps for all sorts of phones in China.

The mobile market is huge, but is it profitable for startups and angel investors?

Bruno Bensaid

What’s the legal, operating, and funding environments like in China?

Did you know that the moment that a Chinese company accepts one penny, or one yuan, from a foreign investor, the status of the company could change radically?

Bensaid addresses these popular questions and many, many more in this interview.

If you’re a tech startup thinking of breaking into China’s humongous marketplace, or an investor itching to invest in the innovation hub that is China, you definitely don’t want to miss this information-packed series where Bensaid generously imparts his expertise in the mobile and Internet market in China.

What You’ll Learn

- What foreign/Western startups must absolutely be aware of if they want to break into the China market.

- The type of companies that have a completely unfair competitive advantage over foreign/Western companies.

- The pros and cons of converting into a local company in China.

- What investors need to know before pumping money into the burgeoning country.

- The main configuration for angel or venture capital investment in China.

- The differences between pure local and offshore local companies and why they matter to investors.

- The easiest way to invest in Chinese startups.

- Several potentially profitable investment niches for angel investors.